Social Media Propaganda

I created a few parody propaganda posters for social media. Or should I say, making fun of social media, targeting: Facebook. First we have the “like” button. This is not only extremely overused, but Facebook users tend to go “like” crazy, by telling all of their Facebook friends what their interests consist of…. okay, we get it. Here, we have a Chinese inspired propaganda poster:

Next, I saw this great World War II prop poster about the ship and cargo movement, where there’s a large finger pointing at a man walking with a caption that says, “Someone Talked.” I thought it would be funny to create the “poke” finger poking a “user” because we all know poking can get out of control, plus, do we really know what it means?

and lastly, status updates. We all have friends who use their status updates as a diary. Good God. Make it stop. So here’s how I really feel…



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