One Second Video Project

Yo. I made a video featuring the coolest people I know and our memories together for a month. Check it out.

One Second-ish Video Project from Amy O'Donnell on Vimeo.

Enjoy! (A)

Handwritten Chalkboard Wedding Program

Eeeek! Can I tell you how excited I was that a fellow designer came to me in hopes to hand draw his wedding program for him and his lovely bride-to-be? I couldn’t say no! I had wanted to try chalkboard typography, but never really had an opportunity. Designers like, Dana Tanamachi inspire me and also blow my mind. After spending a few hours checking out her work along with other inspiration, I was ready. With a handmade chalkboard (I believe he used chalkboard paint on plywood) and a $.99 box of chalk, I was ready to tackle this sucker.

My process: Just went for it. I sketched out a few ideas before… but knew I’d just have to in full force. Here’s a couple of up-close shots!

Enjoy! (A)


I had the pleasure of taking the newborn photos and designing the announcements to introduce my niece, Alexis.
World: here she is. Be kind and good to her.

And here are some of my favorites from the newborn shoot.

Enjoy! (A)

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As promised in my previous post, here it is.

#harlemshake. And for those of you who were wondering, I’m rocking the gold Hammer time pants in the front!



CURRENTLY READING “Bloom” by the most wonderful Kelle Hampton. I’ve fallen in love with this child and this family who have been blessed with one extra chromosome. Down Syndrome changed their life in the most unexpected, beautiful way. Nella’s story and Kelle’s blog will have tears rolling down your face along with non-stop smiles and laughter… Mama sure knows how to write! And if this amazing child has touched your life as much as she’s touched mine, here’s a link to donate to Nella’s Triple Crown fund.

CURRENTLY LISTENING  to “Sleeping at Last”. Talk about relaxing, chill, and just beautiful melodies. Discovered them from the Kid President video, which is also… amazing. NOT COOL, ROBERT FROST! But seriously, when I’m working… this has been my go-to listen. Check out Households, right meow.

CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH “Hart of Dixie”. Like, “obsessed” is an understatement. Thankful for my new Netflix account, I was able to breeze through the first season, purchased 10 episodes on iTunes and am finishing up the most recent on Hulu. Thank you, Julie… The characters and stories just draw you in. Not to mention the men aren’t too shabby to look at. And full out girl crush on Rachel Bilson.

LOOKING FORWARD TO Monday morning. The new youtube craze, “Harlem Shake”, has inspired our office to do our very own. We’ve rented costumes and have the shot planned. Just ready to get my dance on. I’ll post the link as soon as we get it up. Do the Harlem Shake!!


This weekend, I had the chance to venture into uncharted territories. Luckily, the subject was cute, tiny and stinkin’ adorable as all get out. I’m talkin’ bout my little peanut. My niece Alexis Faye, just one week old, allowed my brother Todd and sister Staci to change her outfits multiple times, put her in awkward poses, and let us snap photos of her while she was nakey. Poor girl.

This little lady is a pro… she models like a boss, but I have to give credit to professional photographers who do this for a living. It’s tough. We managed to get through it with only one “pee” incident in Mommy’s hand, a few tears, and some sore knees. It was all worth it and the results are amazing. Here’s a sneak peek of my little Lexi bear.

Enjoy! (A)


Awhile back I had an awesome bride contact me after she found an invitation I designed for my cousin’s New Year’s Eve Wedding. Sara Marie loved the design so much that she wanted nearly the same thing, but with a twist. Of course we changed the information and the colors, but took a new approach to the extra goodies! I found this neat site with some beautiful invite pocketfolds to hold all the information in one. We decided on using the idea of stackable cards on the right, while the main focus of the invitation grabs your attention on the left side as soon as you open it up. And near the end, Sara approached me with the idea of having a card that lays out the time of the day’s events using icons. Loved it. Below, we have the beautiful product and a very happy bride and groom into the new year. Congratulations, Sara and John! Wishing you the best!

Enjoy! (A)

Lil Robot Man

I’m exploring some iPad sketching since I bought the Sketchbook Pro app awhile back now. I also have an awesome Bamboo Stylus I use (with a broken nib… thanks to my boss, Zach. No worries, he’s replacing it for me. Man draws with some force) that I adore. With this awesome app, a great tool and the iPad of course, in less than 5 minutes, I created this little dude. Here he is, all cute just waving away!

Enjoy! (A)


Today, I had the pleasure of taking photos for Carla, our Senior Learning Strategist at Maestro and her husband Tom. Nine days ago, Carla and Tom welcomed a small bundle of joy into their lives, John Ildephonse. Not only was it fun to snap pictures of their sweet and beautiful newborn, but I absolutely enjoyed getting to know Carla and Tom on a deeper level. We even ended the photoshoot watching our beloved Lions blow the game once again in the last second. Literally, the LAST second. And as much as I have backed this team since I was little, I called it. So where was I…

Oh yes, to see Carla with her son was really amazing. I’ve only been able to spend time with her at work and I’ve mostly seen Carla in work mode. It’s so impressive because she has such dedication and drive. She’s extremely intelligent and always has this wonderful, positive energy. It’s been a real pleasure working with her and I truly look up to her. So, to see her cuddle and kiss her boy was very touching. Their instant connection and love for this tiny human being almost brings you to tears. And to spend time, get to know, and see such a strong female role model of mine, as a mother, melts my heart.

In the end, I took hundreds of photos but this one really says it all: a new family.

Enjoy! (A)


I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Let’s talk about fashion! Nah, I’m not going to cover runway shows or the latest and greatest wardrobe trends, but I do love to dress up every once in awhile. When I’m not wearing jeans and a hoodie, you can often times find me in something comfortable and affordable while trying to stay stylish. I put on this simple little number the other day and thought I could share it with you. It’s cozy and perfect if you’re on a budget. Below, each item is listed with the price and where I purchased it. So if you want to put together something similar… welp, there ya go!

Enjoy! (A)